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Gala CAESAR 2015
i74: Parlament pentru cetateni
Steve Jarding Poster

Sorry, this entry is only available in Română.

Conferinta SMART Diaspora 2020+
MeMo CAESAR is the end result of a exhaustive process of filtering, grouping, critical analysis and summarizing of the most important news relevant to Romania, drawn from reputable media sources worldwide. MeMo CAESAR comes as a periodic material that is highly informative yet easy to read.MeMo Archive
SMART Diaspora is a public policy document that advances, through a series of practical measures, the idea of harnessing the strategic potential of highly skilled young Romanians abroad, and facilitating their contribution to economic and social development in Romania. SMART Diaspora’s aim is to play a key role in pushing Romania forward to become an attractive career destination for students and university graduates worldwide. The document also contains best practice models of how other countries dealt with similar problems, and how they succeeded in attracting that valuable human capital back home.
The Young Romania Forum brought together over 300 participants – students and graduates from Romania and the Diaspora with excellent academic histories, alongside dozens of established specialists. The participants were assigned to 10 different workgroups, where they debated and proposed development strategies in the 10 priority areas for Romania. The event was organized by the League of Romanian Students Abroad (LSRS), with the support of the National Bank of Romanian (BNR), between 12-14 August 2011, at the Romanian Banking Institute in Bucharest.Find out more about the national development strategies proposed by the young participants

CAESAR Cocktails are informal networking events for CAESAR Members, potential Members, and supporters. These events occasion discussions on the CAESAR community and developments and facilitate new professional contacts. Attendees are young leaders and accomplished professionals in varied fields – from art and culture to medicine, journalism, business, and entrepreneurship. The events take place in Bucharest or other world capitals with a CAESAR presence – London, Paris, New York, Berlin, Brussels, Beijing, etc..

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Fundația CAESAR -- Centrul pentru Acces la Expertiza Studentilor si Absolventilor Romani (CAESAR)

The CAESAR Foundation (The Center for Accessing the Expertise of Students and Alumni from Romania) is a research, educational, and civic action institution devoted to Romania’s sustainable and inclusive development.

As a leading think tank with a global presence, CAESAR brings together a community of Romanian experts from around the world, selected based on their top academic background and remarkable results in their professional career.

United by the shared values of integrity, responsibility, and excellence, CAESAR Members are committed to offering solutions in areas of strategic importance for Romania’s future. CAESAR collects this global knowledge and, through its civic action platform, promotes development policies at the local, regional, and national level in Romania.