The CAESAR Foundation works toward Romania’s sustainable and inclusive development, promoting the country’s interests and positive image around the globe. CAESAR Foundation’s activities include analyses and dissemination of key information to policy makers, public policy consulting, and a permanent strategic dialogue with public institutions, NGOs, private firms, and other stakeholders.

Our Community Programs
CAESAR MeMo – monthly synthesis of the most relevant news on Romania from top international media outlets
CAESAR Focus – newsletter highlighting our Members’ recent accomplishments
CAESAR Executive Education – training for public servants, managers, and executives
Council of Romania – network of Clubs in key global centers, promoting Romania’s interests through bilateral and multilateral cooperation

Our Impact Programs
CAESAR Surveys – periodic surveys of the CAESAR Network on strategic issues
Juno – small permanent group of CAESAR experts: Romania’s equivalent of JASON in the U.S.
CAESAR Platform – public policy program for Romania’s medium- and long-term development
CAESAR Civic Clubs – civic action groups at the local level in Romania, promoting citizen engagement and innovative development solutions

Our Community Events
CAESAR Cocktails – select networking events for CAESAR Members and supporters
CAESAR Gala – awards and fundraising event, for CAESAR supporters and relevant actors in the Romanian society
CAESAR Spotlight – individual profiles of CAESAR Members and other promising young Romanians through specific events, media coverage, etc

Our Impact Events
CAESAR Colloquia – series of conferences on topics of strategic relevance for Romania’s development, with CAESAR Members, subject-matter experts, and top-level decision-makers
The CAESAR Forum – national event for defining Romania’s development priorities at the local, regional, and national level
CAESAR Regional Conferences – policy and action gatherings of local civic clubs