CAESAR Cocktails

CAESAR Cocktails are informal networking events for CAESAR Members, potential Members, and supporters. These events occasion discussions on the CAESAR community and developments and facilitate new professional contacts.

Attendees are young leaders and accomplished professionals in varied fields – from art and culture to medicine, journalism, business, and entrepreneurship. The events take place in Bucharest or other world capitals with a CAESAR presence – London, Paris, New York, Berlin, Brussels, Beijing, etc.

Attendance is by invitation only and upon recommendation of a current CAESAR Member.

CAESAR Cocktails Abroad

First CAESAR Cocktail in London, SWAN Restaurant, June 9th 2014

CAESAR Cocktails in Bucharest

The eigth CAESAR Cocktail – Bucharest, Readers Cafe, June 25th 2013

The seventh CAESAR Cocktail – Bucharest, Novotel Hotel, Februarie 22 2013

The sixth CAESAR Cocktail- București, Grand Hotel Continental, September 4th 2012

The fifth CAESAR Cocktail – București, Cafeneaua Luna, July 6th 2012

The fourth CAESAR Cocktail – București, Readers Cafe, April 24th 2012

The third CAESAR Cocktail – Bucureşti, Cafeneaua Antipa, February 16th 2012

The second CAESAR Cocktail – Bucureşti, Capital Plaza, November 29th 2011

The first CAESAR Cocktail – Bucureşti, Readers Cafe, September 29th 2011